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Mahipal Singh Ranawat

Mahipal Singh Ranawat

Managing Director

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Child Tips

  • Speak with your child in an unhurried way, pausing frequently. Await a few second after your child finish speaking before you begin to speak. Your own easily, relaxed speech will be more effective.
  • Reduce the number of question you ask your child. Asimply question ask to your child
  • Help all member of the family learn to take turns talking & listening.
  • Observe the way you interact with your child a try to increase those times that give your child the message that you are listening to her and she has plenty of time to talk. 
  • Use short simple sentences -ain short simple sentences, child is not uncomfort feeling a easy to talking
  • Increase the breathing capacities a by various breathing exercise increase the breathing power to lungs
  • Maintaining eye contact -a when your child talking then maintain eye contact to the listener 
  • Analyze identify what your speech muscles all doing improperly when you child stammer 
  • Try to easy speech and relaxed speech when talking with your child 
  • Don`t upset when stammering is increase your child 
  • Give him opportunities to talk such as starting a conversation 
  • Don`t suggest to child alterative substituting words. Because they increase he feared of words also increase the psychological level of child
  • Talk to his friends family member, school teacher, principal and explain to them that They must not give any negative comments to the child
  • Reading loudly a book everyday
  • Loudly singing a song
  • Talking with mirror everyday