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Mahipal Singh Ranawat

Mahipal Singh Ranawat

Managing Director

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1. My parents and me cannot believe that I will recovery my stammering problem ?
Ans . yes I am understanding your problem, our therapy program is different to other therapy program. we give fulltime attention to the patient and motivate time to time .we give 100% treatment of stammering problem. And many person cure the stammering problem from our center . So you can visit our therapy center and you may contact them those are treated or cure from our therapy center Our consultancy is free.
2. Can stammering be treated 100% ?
Ans . Yes stammering can be 100% treated our center by variety of successful approaches both children and adults.
3.  Is stammering disease?
Ans . No, stammering is a psychological and bad habit, so it cannot be treated through medicine or any instrument.
4. Is stammering genetic ?
Ans. Yes, in some case stammers have a family history of stammering.
5 .How many children stammers?
Ans. More than 68 million people world wide stammer which is about 1% of the population.
6. How many children stammers?
Ans. Approximately 5 percent of all children go through a period of stammering that lasts six month or more.There quarters of those will recover by late childhood, leaving about 1% with a long term problem . The best prevention tool is early intervention.
7. Is there a chance the stammering will return?
Ans. If one speaks according to the techniqus and practices a some days, then fluent speech will be permanent.
8. What should I do when my child stammer?
Ans. The most important thing to do when some one is stammering is be good communicator yourself.
  • Keep eye contact give you child enough time to finish speaking.
  • Try not to fill in word & sentences.
  • Try to your child speak is not more fast
  • When your child speak, than muscle is relax
9. Why we stammer more, when we talk with senior people or stranger people?
Ans. Because stammering is psychogical problem. When you talk with Stanger people, you want to speech move correctly other than stammering as you think this, you concentrate an your problem, so speed and fearness both are increase and. you stammer more at that time.
10. Isn`t better to substitute word which are easier said?
Ans. It is not better to use substitute word because, when you use substitute word, than increase the fear of that particular word and again using of substitute word than fearness is increase in your speech. so don`t use the substitute word.
11. Do you arrange the hostel facility?
Ans. Yes, we arrange the hostel facitily for both boys and girls at minimum fees.