Mewad Speech Therapy
Regd. No.: 301/11
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Mahipal Singh Ranawat

Mahipal Singh Ranawat

Managing Director

Helpline: +91 982 9131 887
अनाथ एवं बेसहारा लोगों के लिए खाना, रहना एवं ईलाज निःशुल्क


Before we start our therapy program firstly we give totally information about therapy program and after that take a psychological test and identity what is the incorrect and what are the secondary symptoms that are increase are their problem.

A various our therapy program are listed:
  • Breathing exercise
  • Vocal exercise
  • Correct style of speaking
  • Recording practice
  • Stage practice
  • Group practice
  • Personal suggestion
  • Motivation lecturer
  • Hard blockage practice
  • Muscle relaxtion practice
  • Group discussion practice
  • Reading loudly practice
  • Yoga practice
  • Singing a song practice
  • Articulatory exercise word, sentences
  • Psychology removing practice
  • Daily report improment
  • Stress relive practice
  • Talking with mirror practice
  • Using the telephone practice
  • Block correction practice
  • Continuous speech practice
  • Tongue practice
  • Lips practice
  • Public speaking practice
  • Develop communication skills
  • Speech warm up practice